Why Is Blending Necessary For Tea?

Tea Blend 6Blending is the art of balancing flavors and aroma of a tea leaf by mixing a variety of grades and herbs. Each of the grades has something to offer to the blend. Together with the qualities of each grade, a blend becomes a complete package providing the right amount of flavor and taste for the consumer.

Why is blending necessary for tea? Blending provides a quality mix of different herbs together with the regular tea leaves. It offers excellent taste variation along with several medicinal quality boosts. A blend of CTC Tea is equally essential because a blend between the grades can offer the best quality tea leaf with balanced flavor and aroma.

Blending has become an inherent part of the tea industry. With the growing demand for tea across the globe, tea companies are doing more than just offering the consumers a variety of blends. Blending the tea is about balancing the notes and flavors of tea leaves. Together it provides a complete story with the right amount of flavor and infusion properties. 

To understand the importance of blending, let us take an analogy. Steamed rice and mixed fried rice, both have their primary component as rice. But given the option of choosing a platter of either one for dinner, what would you choose? Setting the health conditions aside, most of you would go for the mixed fried rice. 

Why? Because the platter of mixed fried rice has a variety of taste to offer. A spoonful of fried rice would bring together the delicacy of the spices, the rich taste of veggies and the complete aroma of fried rice, all in a single go. The various spices would fill your senses and will create an everlasting effect. 

Does that mean a plate of steamed rice will disappoint you? Surely not, but the mixed flavor of fried rice would linger your senses for much longer.

Similarly, while you can enjoy a single grade of tea till your heart’s content, it will be the balance of a proper blend that will strike the chords of your heart with joy. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create and culture a proper blend. 

Blending of tea can be dealt with in two different fashions. Herbal blended teas are a blend of tea leaves together with some herbs and spices. The herbal tea is a very well decorated beverage celebrated across the globe. Tea leaves are blended with crushed fruits, flowers or spices which enhance the overall quality of the tea and make a new drink out of the ordinary. 

Blending, in the other sense, can also be considered as the mixture between different grades of tea leaves together to form a mix complete in all sense. The mixture intended should have a perfect balance between flavor and infusion quality. This blend is of great commercial interest. Tea firms usually come up with a blend, and it is this blend that consumers pay for.

Both types of these blends have the importance of their own. 

Importance Of Herbal Tea Blend

Tea Blend 5Herbal tea is manufactured by tea companies usually by placing dried petals of flowers, or dried herbs during the process of oxidation of the tea leaves. The tea leaves absorb the aroma of the flavorants, and a light flavor tea is made. With mass production of the herbal tea leaves, the companies either use real flavorants or synthetic chemicals for flavoring the tea leaves. 

Synthetic flavorants are used as a cheaper alternative to the real flavorants. These generally cost lot lesser and provides a good alternative to the herbs. However, the difference is often very evident to consumers. 

Fun Fact: You can make a great blend of herbal tea yourself. All you need is some dry herbs you believe would compliment the flavor of your tea. It may be petals of your favorite flower or mint, or any spice you believe can go well with the flavor of the tea. Use a teaspoon of these herbs together with the leaf next time you brew your cup of tea. Enjoy the experience!

Herbal teas have a lot of benefits associated with them. Besides being a taste enhancer to your regular tea, it also has other health benefits. The herbal tea offers a range of drinking options to your tea. Consumers find it convenient to enjoy a cup of warm or ice tea with the aroma of the flower they enjoy the most. Rose tea, Jasmine tea, Hibiscus tea are greatly in demand because of the pleasant aroma it adds besides the sweet scent of green tea.

Herbal teas, especially the masala tea (or spice tea) are known to be great immunity boosters. Local spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves etc. are known widely for their health benefits. When such spices are added to your tea leaves, the medicinal boost it can offer is unparalleled. 

In short, herbal teas are in general a complete package of tasty consumable beverage with several health benefits to offer! Moreover, you can try a different variant of your favorite drink every day! Enjoy it with a warm cup of water, or chill with some ice! 

Importance Of Blended CTC Teas

CTC tea leaves are a fast-growing alternative to the orthodox teas. CTC tea leaves are known with their characteristic small pellet-like structure. These offer a cheaper alternative to the long tea leaves and are gaining fast attention all over the globe. CTC tea leaves come in several grades depending upon their sizes. Each size has some characteristics particular to them. Therefore, to maintain a proper balance, blending is essential.

It is essential to maintain a proper balance between the flavor and the overall infusion quality of the tea. Larger grades are known as better flavorants, whereas smaller grades are known for its quicker liquor infusing quality. The balance is the key to the blend! Right quantity of smaller grades and the right quantity of larger grade will yield the best quality of tea leaves.

Tea leaves are also very position-dependent. That is, the quality, flavor and aroma vary greatly with the position of the origin of the leaf. The soil where the leaf is harvested, the annual rainfall in the region, the overall climate affects the quality of leaf harvested there. 

The finest quality tea leaves here in India is always said to be from Darjeeling (West Bengal). It is known for producing one of the finest quality orthodox tea leaves in the entire world! This has to do with the altitude and temperature of the place, together with the quality of soil and water.

Tea Blend 2CTC tea leaves are common in places a little lower in altitude. Dooars (West Bengal) produces great flavored leaves. It is known for the aroma of the tea leaves. Assam, on the other hand, is known to be another great hub of tea producers. 

Assam is mainly known for its infusion-related quality in its tea leaves. It is believed to produce thicker liquor and is known to fast infuse with the warm water. Assam is further divided into upper Assam and lower Assam. Upper Assam is said to produce superior quality tea leaves.

The point of adding the perspective of location into the context of tea blend is the fact that a tea blend ideally must contain leaves from various locations too! A blend is greatly influenced by the origin of the individual tea grades. A proper grade can also have traces of tea leaves of different origins. A blend should ideally balance the character of the different quality of tea leaves originated from different places. No wonder, tea blending is one of the toughest jobs in this entire tea world!

Tea firms ensure a quality blend is delivered to their customers. Customers in all essence actually pay for this blend of a firm. 

The commercial blending of CTC leaves is all about balancing the smaller and larger grades in proper proportions to ensure the right flavor and infusion is maintained throughout. There are several benefits of this blend. A proper blend will enhance the overall quality of tea. It will offer the consumers a lot more than what regular grades can offer you.

A blend ensures every customer can enjoy the tea in the right way. It is also very important commercially, as because a blend is what opens the tea market for the firms. Firms can claim superiority in their product only with the proper utilization of a blend. This declares the market open to anybody who wishes to establish a startup around tea leaves.


A blend brings out the completeness in a regular tea. Regular tea blends are brought back to life using the right kind of blend. Besides offering a great new taste every day, it is also known for its health benefits. It becomes very necessary for the firms to create and sell a blend because it is a blend that a customer will look out for. Tea blends thus, also have a very important position commercially.

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