Roasted Black Tea


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Smoky, malty and strong, this is the perfect blend to bring love to your tea drinking experience. Indulge yourself in the richness of the aroma and flavor of the tender hand-rolled black tea leaves straight from the hills of Darjeeling. Plucked and rolled expertly by our master craftsmen, get ready to be blown away by the cool breeze of Darjeeling. Sit back, close your eyes, feel the aroma and get a glimpse of the hills right at your home, all from a cup! No wonder, Darjeeling leaves are called the champagne of teas!

Health Benefits

Black tea is a rich source of antioxidant. Antioxidants can help remove free radicals, and tea is one source of antioxidants. One study notes that phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant effects, constitute upto 30% of the dry weight of black tea. Studies have shown that polyphenols in the tea aids in reducing the risk of tumor growth. In particular, black tea helps reduce the risk of skin, breast, lung, and prostate cancers. Besides, black tea is known as a great preventive measure against diabetes and help control the blood pressure.

Taste And Aroma

Appearance: Deep reddish appearance

Aroma: Smoky and malty aroma with mild floral notes

Taste: Earthy, malty and smoky with strong after taste

Brewing Instructions

Quantity: 5gm in 200ml water

Brewing Time: 5-6 minutes

Water Temperature: 90-95 C

Roasted tea


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