Peach Tea


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Cool, calm and relaxed. Yupp, this precisely defines this amazing blend. Peach tea is here to calm your busy self and take away the fatique is just a sip! Blended with fine freeze-dried peaches, rest assure that this blend is going to blow away your mind. Whether a warm cup of peach tea or a cool brew of the master blend, peach tea has something to offer in every sip! Start your day well with the perfect cup of tea with a sip from this amazing craftsmanship!

Health Benefits

Peach and tea join their hands together to bring to you a healthy cup of delightful beverage!Peach is known for its excellent immunity boosting properties. Peach tea will help you prevent cold and nasal congestion. Peach is also a great addition to your diet in order to aid digestion. Peaches are also known to improve eye-sight. Peach tea will also aid your weight loss journey and is surely a taste worthy-guilt free beverage! Peaches also promote your immunity system and promote healthy heart! Antioxidant-rich, peach tea also helps prevent cell damage, boost energy and keep you healthy and happy!

Ingredients: Freeze dried peach, black tea

Taste And Aroma

Appearance: Pinkish cup with bright reddish glow

Aroma: Fresh and light peach aroma

Taste: Naturally sweet taste with fresh minty aroma

Brewing Instructions:

Hot Brew:

Quantity: 4gm in 400ml water

Brewing Time: 6-7 minutes

Water Temperature: 80-85 C

Resteeping: Can be re-steeped once

Serving: Naturally sweet and can be served normally. A spoon of honey or sugar can be added.

Cold Brew:

Quantity: 3gm in 500ml water

Brewing Time: 8 hours

Water Temperature: 8-10 C

Peach tea


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