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A breath of fresh air in your busy schedule, Kashmiri Kahwa is here to add colors to your days! Blended to perfection with healthy Indian spices such as Cardamon, Cinnamon, Clove and Black Pepper, along with almonds and Rose petals, Kashmiri Kahwa is your go-to partner for your tea-hunger! With 100% natural ingredients used for the blend along with the healthy base of green tea, you can be sure of the best the tea has to offer. Explore the various spices and take your tongue to a roller coaster ride of taste, along with the goodness of the green tea. Stop and savour the irresistible taste of the blend and get a glimpse of the snow-capped Kashmiri hills, just with a sip of this magical tea!

Health benefits

Kashmiri Kahwa is one of our healthiest blends. With the list of the spices along with green tea and real almonds, no wonder this is the a key to your fitter self. Kashmiri Kahwa is known to increase metabolism rate and improve digestion. This is naturally rich in Vitamin B12 and will help you with an increased immunity. This is also known to detoxify your body and keep your liver healthy. This is also proven to be a good remedy for common cold and other ailments. Besides, Kashmiri Kahwa is a great supplementary drink for your weight loss journey. Kashmiri Kahwa is extremely good for your skin. Also, this will help you manage your stress. This is a must have for a great health!

Ingredients: Cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, almonds, rose petals, green tea

Taste And Aroma

Appearance: Pinkish appearance with reddish glow

Aroma: Fresh aroma of cardamom, clove and cinnamon with flowery rose scent

Taste: Mildly spicy with fresh and sweet aftertaste of clove and rose

Brewing Instructions:

  1. 6gm of tea leaves in 150ml of boiling milk. Brew for 5 minutes. Can be served with a spoon of sugar.
  2. 3gm of tea leaves in 150ml boiling water. Brew for 3 minutes. Sugar for taste.

kashmiri kahwa


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