Earl Grey Tea


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Earl Grey is one of the most consumed tea blends of all time. Our Earl Grey is made with black tea leaves, blended carefully with the oil of Bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit native to Italy. This brings to you the most unique experience of a citric fruit, blended with the finest tea leaves. At about the same time that tea came to India in the nineteenth century, Charles, the 2nd Earl Grey and British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834 was presented a gift of Chinese black tea flavored with Bergamot oil. Two hundred years later, Earl Grey brings you a whiff of bergamot orange handpicked from the best sources. The essence of Citrus bergamia is extracted from its aromatic skin bringing to you the ticket to a full bloom British Tea estate. The finest blend of taste and aroma is here to take you back to the 1800s!

Health Benefits

Earl Grey is one hard to resist blend. Despite being such a temptation, Earl Grey tea actually has great health benefits. It is the tastiest way to add up antioxidants to your daily diet. Citrus bergamot has been known for its beneficial digestive, immune-boosting and mood-lifting properties for centuries. This is also a great energy booster for your body. Earl Grey is also great for your dental health. Earl Grey boosts your overall immunity proving to be a great shield against cold and other diseases. Being a citric blend, be sure to yourself that this blend brings to you a complete package of health and immunity. This is also known to reduce cholesterol and promote good heart health. Enjoy this tea with a citrusy twist – packed with anti-oxidants to reduce stress and lift your spirits!

Taste And Aroma

Appearance: Reddish cup with light glow.

Aroma: Rich, robust flavor tea with perfectly balanced flavor of fresh, fruity citrus notes of bergamot oil.

Taste: Slightly sour, sweet and tangy aftertaste.

Brewing Instructions:

Quantity: 4gm in 400ml water

Brewing Time: 5-6 minutes

Water Temperature: 85-90 C

Resteeping: Can be re-steeped once

Serving: Normal or with a spoon of honey

Earl Grey Tea


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