Cream Earl Grey


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Your favorite Earl Grey blend just got better! We know nothing makes you happier than a cup of the leaves blended with the special oil of bergamot, but we sure can add joy to your day! Our Earl Grey is blended with imported oil of Bergamot oranges, delivered straight from Italy to take you to the original British tea estates. But what’s better than Earl Grey is the same leaf blended with the ever so pure vanilla extracts! Yupp, your Earl Grey just got merrier with vanilla extracts blended together with bergamot oranges! The same ever so tasty Earl Grey now comes with a dash of sweetness and mouthful of delicious creamy experience in this irresistible blend of Cream Earl Grey! Get ready to experience the most delicious tea blend that you can imagine and get ready to explore the the most authentic British tea delicacy!

Health Benefits

Easily the most tastiest blend you can have, Cream Earl Grey is also one of the most healthiest blend! It is a great source of antioxidants for your body. Earl Grey is a great addition for your dental health. Citric bergamot is known for it’s beneficial digestive, immune boosting and mood-lifting properties. This is also a great energy and immunity booster.  Citric Bergamot is also known to be a great shield against cold and other infectious diseases. Earl Grey is also known to reduce cholesterol and promote good heart health. Vanilla is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and also known to a great brain enhancer! Packed with anti-oxidants and immunity, Cream Earl Grey is here to reduce stress and lift your spirits!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Vanilla Extracts and Bergamot Oil

Taste and Aroma:

Appearance: Reddish cup with bright golden glow

Aroma: Citric aroma with sweet vanilla fragrance

Taste: Tangy, sweet and creamy with citric aftertaste

Brewing Instruction:

Quantity: 4gm in 400ml water

Brewing time: 3-4 minutes

Water temperature: 75-80 C

Resteeping: Can be re-steeped once

Cream Earl Grey



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