Bourbon Whiskey Tea (Non-Alcoholic)

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Well, do we need to rant about this? Bourbon Whiskey never needed any bit of introduction. This is a name for itself! This one is for the people who would love a cup of Whiskey without any shed of guilt! You have some health issues which prohibits you from having your favorite Whiskey? You have been advised to avoid it? Do not worry! We got you covered! Experience the best Whiskey, even without the need of taking in alcohol! Have it any time you want, share it with anyone you want, just keep enjoying this all-time classic blend of Bourbon Whiskey tea. This is surely the best tea you have experienced in a while! Just keep chilling "'ON THE ROCKS"!


Health Benefits

What? Whiskey and healthy? Yes, this one indeed is! This tea takes good care of your body along with providing you the tastiest Bourbon Whiskey you ever had. Bourbon Whiskey tea lowers the risk of heart diseases. This tea also promotes weight loss. Quite naturally, this can help you relax your tired selves and reduce stress. Besides, Bourbon Whiskey tea also helps in controlling the risk of diabetes. This is also known to promote mental health and lower the risk of dementia. Moreover, it will also help you improve your immunity and help you fight against diseases such as cold. Bourbon Whiskey tea is also known to help in proper digestion.

Taste And Aroma

Appearance: Light reddish cup with yellowish glow

Aroma: Fresh malty aroma with robust black tea flavor

Taste: Sweet, nutty with malty after taste

Brewing Instructions:

Quantity: 4gm in 400ml water

Brewing Time: 5-6 minutes

Water Temperature: 80-85 C

Resteeping: Can be re-steeped once

Serving: Normal or with a spoon of honey or sugar

Whiskey Tea

4 reviews for Bourbon Whiskey Tea (Non-Alcoholic)

  1. Soumen Swaraj

    It is precise I get the flavour of whiskey. Loved it

  2. Soumen Swaraj

    It’s tastes like whiskey. Loved it

  3. Sriparna Deoghoria

    This is the first time I purchased it. Good packing and lovely flavour

  4. Abhilesh

    Good one

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