About Originals’ Tea

Hello, we wish you a warm welcome to our world of the finest quality tea. Originals’ Tea was founded in the year 2019 with the vision of revolutionizing the drinking experience of tea around the globe. 

Founded by Aniket Roy, the Proprietor of Originals’ Tea with the notion of offering to the world the best of tea leaves from India. It is registered under the Government of India.

Here at Originals’, we want you to experience the exquisite delicacies of the world’s second most consumed beverage, right after water. 

We are continually working to deliver you the most delicate tea leaves from one of the largest producers of tea leaves in the globe, India. Get the best teas delivered right at your doorsteps at jaw-dropping prices. 

Explore the intricate flavors from the foothills of the Himalayas, or the most profound, most robust flavors from the hills of Assam or the fruity, tangy notes, right from the South Indian hills. 

Our Mission

Originals’ Tea was founded with the mission of bringing forth a revolution in the culture of consumption of tea leaves. Tea leaves are a subject of significant research. There are great variations in tea leaves with innumerable grades and varieties. 

Tea leaves vary in taste depending upon the location, plantation period, season of cultivation, processes used in manufacturing and even the size of the leaves itself. As a result, the tea leaves become a subject to many conflicts. 

We at Originals’ realize that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to deliver to you, your personalized cup of tea, which suits your reason and mood. 

We have made it our motto to get you delivered the best tea leaves available so that your habit of consuming tea becomes a gala experience. Get ready to be amazed by the experience brought forward by a cup of tea.

Why Us?

Residing at the perfect hub of tea manufacturing and processing, we promise to deliver you the finest blades of tea at your doorsteps. 

Our team constitutes of experts in all fields, right from the manufacturing of tea leaves to getting you delivered your product safely and soundly at your doorsteps. 

The tea leaves available in our platform are regularly tested, and only the best quality is delivered.

We value your choice. Our products are optimized according to your specific preferences. There are several varieties of tea leaves, and you choose what you feel is best for you. Enjoy your favorite cup of beverage according to your whims!

We value your feedback. Our response team values your opinion about the product delivered to you.

We value your money. Originals’ Tea values for your money. Be assured that we deliver to you the best quality of tea leaves at the most reasonable prices. 

We value your safety. We deliver to you tea leaves with proper safety protocols to ensure you are offered the best tea leaves hassle-free and in time.

We are committed to delivering to you the finest of flavors and quality tea leaves. Explore the various ranges of products to suit your profile. A lot can happen over a fine cup of tea. 

Come and be a part of the tea revolution. Have fun!

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