About Aniket Roy


Hello, my name is Aniket Roy. I am the proprietor of Originals’ tea. I founded up this company in the year 2019 with the mission and vision of providing the best quality tea leaves to every one of you around the globe.

Born and raised in the state of West Bengal, India, tea has always been an integral part of my life throughout. With my ancestral home situated in the town of Coochbehar in North Bengal, I began to explore the wonders of tea leaves from my very childhood.

I have been going up and down constantly from my home town to North Bengal for the love of the beautiful scenes up there, and of course for tea.

I have been fascinated by the tea manufacturing process from my early childhood days. I have spent numerous hours in tea gardens and factories alike since my childhood. Somehow, the wonder leaves always seemed to attract my attention.

My family has always been fond of tea. My early memories dating back to my childhood are of my parents and their friends enjoying tea, not just as a beverage, but as an entire meal! With my passing age, I gradually found myself attracted to the beverage. Within no time, I developed a keen taste in the drink. Since then, the drink has inspired me in many unimaginable ways.

From tedious work schedules to project completions and even during the examination, tea has been my all-time partner in crime. This lead me to explore and ultimately venture into the world of the tea business. Tea has been an integral part of my life, and therefore, exploring everything related to tea has been my favorite hobby.

I have studied and tested various grades of tea leaves in order to acquire adequate knowledge required for venturing into the tea world.

My motive has always been to provide adequate knowledge which I have acquired throughout my journey to each one of you so that you begin to resonant with the beverage in the same way that I do.

I have acquired continuous knowledge regarding the leaves as well as the necessary knowledge required to build a successful business out of my passion. I am an Engineer by profession and a startup enthusiast by choice.

With proper knowledge in the fields, I am ready to bring forward a tea revolution across the world by delivering the best quality tea leaves from the foothills of Himalayas, right to your doorsteps.

I founded up the company in the year 2019 to make sure my knowledge and my love for tea reach up to every one of you. With proper registrations and proper setup, I began my journey of providing tea leaves all around the world!

Get ready to be bowled down by the most delicate tea leaves at the most reasonable prices, packed delicately right from the tea gardens, to your favorite cup! Happy journey!

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